Sweet and Smoky Barbecue Spatchcock Chicken

The sun was out this weekend so I took the opportunity to perfect a spatchcock chicken recipe I’ve been working on. The flavours were insane, I’m really happy to share it with you guys! It takes a bit of forward planning with the overnight brining, but it’s so worth the effort. The tanginess that the […]

Khoo’s Red Hot Jerk Chicken Recipe

Khoo's Red Hot Jerk Chicken Recipe NORTHERN BEACON

The sun is starting to make a reappearance, it’s feeling warmer again, maybe spring has finally arrived? What better way to celebrate these warmer days than with a sizzling plate of red hot jerk chicken. This bold recipe perfectly shows off what our Northern Beacon hot sauce is all about, a punchy tropical mix up […]

Fruity Hot Wings

New Year’s Eve is upon us. Whether you’re having a get together at home, or hosting pre drinks before a big night out, there’s a fair chance you’ll be needing some tasty shareable snacks for your nearest and dearest. With the recent cold weather creeping in what better way to warm everybody’s cockles than with […]