Home Grown Radishes

We are now growing our own radishes! Every year the chillies that we grow for use in our sauces are transplanted out into the polytunnel at around May. This gives us a few months in spring in which the space is free to be used as a nursery to raise our own crops ready to […]

Fruity Hot Wings

New Year’s Eve is upon us. Whether you’re having a get together at home, or hosting pre drinks before a big night out, there’s a fair chance you’ll be needing some tasty shareable snacks for your nearest and dearest. With the recent cold weather creeping in what better way to warm everybody’s cockles than with […]

Hot Hogs – Spicy Pigs in Blankets

‘Tis the season to be jolly!Where did that come from? Is it me or did it really sneak up on us this year? It doesn’t seem that long since we were wearing our shorts and barbecueing….Well I have just the thing to warm us all back up again. Whether you fire up the smoker or […]

Smoky Minestrone Soup

With our new blog comes… our new recipe section! The old blog is now all but defunct so it’s time to start sharing some of our recipes right here. When we meet customers at our stalls, they often ask how they can use our sauces in the kitchen. With this in mind, a lot of […]

Support a great cause. Send Hazard to Ajo

An introduction to Hazard aka Harriet Wood Harriet is a good friend and an incredible artist who I’ve known since my days running hip hop nights and playing DJ sets around York a decade ago.It is Harriet who created the beautiful illustrations on all of our sauces, her artwork has become an absolutely integral part […]

Happy New Year from Khoo’s Hot Sauce!

Happy New Year! I want to take this opportunity to wish all of our customers, old and new, the happiest of years for 2017. There’s no denying that 2016 has been a turbulent year in terms of political affairs, so let’s hope the coming year will bring a bit more stability. Also a touch more […]

The Northern Beacon

I present to you, the newest (and hottest) sauce in our range, ladies and gentlemen…… The Northern Beacon You spoke and we listened. You told us you loved the fruity flavours of The Super Sauce, but for some of you it just wasn’t quite hot enough. So we took to the kitchen and came up […]