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Golden Syrup


The sweet, but not so innocent end of our range

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The sweet, but not so innocent end of our range. We have selected citrus flavoured chillies from our collection to infuse in this syrup. The Fatalii and Aji Lemon work with the lime to create a tangy, sweet balance, allowing you to really appreciate the flavour of the chillies.
This is the most versatile product in our range and will compliment any dish that requires the heat along with the sweet.

Great Taste Award Winner 2023 (2 Stars)
Notes from the judges
The initial chilli hit gives way to the fruit on the nose, and similarly in the mouth. The silky sweetness lulled us into a secure place, until the forceful heat rose up to greet us. Both of these aspects are well judged, allowing the taste of the chillies to come through, but not being drowned in sugar; rather, enhanced by it. It’s a lovely mixture that would work in so many ways, but particularly in the drinks and desserts area, where we felt this could be exquisite.

A runny clear syrup with a wonderful chilli aroma, reflecting the two varieties used.
The flavour of the chillies disappears on the palate but the heat is nicely retained; this would be perfect for sweet dishes.

Allergens: May contain traces of nuts.
Chilli Rating: 4
Approx. 200g

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