The Northern Beacon

I present to you, the newest (and hottest) sauce in our range, ladies and gentlemen……

The Northern Beacon

You spoke and we listened. You told us you loved the fruity flavours of The Super Sauce, but for some of you it just wasn’t quite hot enough.

So we took to the kitchen and came up with another fruity little number, but with an extra punch.

For this sauce we used mangos and roasted sweet potatoes to give a deep exotic taste, and then carefully selected eleven, yes ELEVEN different varieties of chilli to give that all important punch. We used chillies from the annuum, chinense and baccatum families to ensure a burn that has a hard initial hit that just keeps on building.

Just in case you don’t believe me, these are the chillies you will find in each bottle of The Northern Beacon………

Chocolate Naga, Red Habanero, Cayenne, Dominican Red, Peach Habanero, Giant White Habanero, 7pot Brain Strain, Aji Pulsar, Peach Ghost Scorpion, Superchilli, and Birdeye.

You will be able to grab yourself a bottle at all our regular retailers in the near future.

For all the Sheffield residents get yourselves down to S and J’s Pantry at Moor Market if you’re after a bottle, I dropped their first delivery off yesterday.